Chemlead’s Product of Insulation and Sheath Compounds of Photovoltaic Obtained the Cetificate of TÜV

Issuing time:2023-08-15 11:01

On August 10th 2023, Chemlead’s product of Insulation and Sheath Compounds of Photovoltaic obtained the AK certificate of TÜV issued by TÜV Rheinland. Our product has passed three standard tests: EN 50618: 2014, 2Pfg 1169/08.07 and IEC 62930:2017, which indicates that our photovoltaic product meets the technical specifications and performance requirements of corresponding photovoltaic systems.


The cables, which meets the standards of EN 50618: 2014, 2Pfg 1169/08. 07, IEC 62930: 2017, are applied to photovoltaic power generation systems, especially to DC side cables, including series cables between photovoltaic modules, parallel cables between clusters and between clusters to DC distribution boxes (bus boxes), and cables between DC distribution boxes to inverters. By the way,the above cables can also be used as AC cable for connecting inverter with transmission network.Due to the long-term exposure of cables to harsh environment, it is required to withstand outdoor changeable climate and can be used for a long time. Therefore, its performance has strict standard assessment. The Chemlead's photovoltaic insulation and sheath materials have good processing performance and scratch resistance, which can fully meet the production needs of downstream customers.


In recent years, in addition to the R&D of conventional photovoltaic cable products, Chemlead has also focused on increasing research in multiple fields such as water-based photovoltaic cables, energy storage cables, new neergy vehicle cables, electronic cables and wind power cables. At present, Chemlead has achieved remarkable results in new product R&D in many fields. In the future, we will provide more professional and leading products and technical services to our downstream customers, promoting high-quality development through technological innovation.

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